MCPM 6 – Procurement Management, Risk Management and Professional Ethics

Procurement Management, Risk Management and Professional Ethics is the sixth module of the Masters Certificate in Project Management. In this course, students explore the inter-dependencies between the topics of procurement, risk, and professional ethics. Learners investigate basic make or buy decisions and should they choose to buy, learn of a variety of procurement options that are available. The course also examines the need of project managers to effectively manage contracts and how to formally close contracts. When discussing risk you will learn of 'known knowns,' 'known unknowns' and 'unknown unknowns.' You will also learn strategies for how to effectively prioritize and treat each classification. Lastly, you will discuss the specific topic of professional ethics and how personal judgment is required for all ethical decisions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Make effective procurement decisions and avoid pitfalls
  • Increase effectiveness for managing project-related contracts
  • Develop and execute a thorough risk management plan
  • Identify and assess ethical dilemmas in project
2018/2019 dates to be announced