Learn Chinese in 60 Days

Chinese lion statue

Learn Chinese in 60 Days is an introductory course in both Chinese language and culture. It is designed for learners who have no, or very limited, prior knowledge of Chinese language and are interested in knowing more about China.

This course is suitable for students who are eager to speak Mandarin, learn Chinese culture, but don't want to focus on reading and writing. There is a main focus on practical speaking and listening activities, starting with pinyin (Chinese phonetics), tones and spelling, as well as Chinese words, sentences, and simple conversations.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover basic greetings and introductions
  • Learn how to make appointments, ask directions, take a taxi or make phone calls etc.
  • Students will be able to express emotional feelings through conversation
  • Describe the weather, choose transportation, and discuss item prices
  • Important travel phrases, such as Where is…? Or how to get there? How much…?
  • Relevant basic Chinese language knowledge related to daily living
Instructor: Price:
Plus tax
Price Includes:
  • Class materials and learning resources
  • Certificate upon completion


Course Structure (10 Modules)

1. Introduction to Chinese language
2. Start speaking Chinese with Pinyin
3. Everyday Mandarin - Greetings, Weather & Holidays
4. Everyday Mandarin - Numbers & Money
5. Everyday Mandarin - Restaurants, Shopping, Transportation
6. Everyday Mandarin - Business Communication
7. Everyday Mandarin - Business Communication
8. Chinese traditions
9. Mandarin idioms and slang
10. Examine your own Chinese