Intermediate Algebra Module 3

Topics covered in XMAT163-1 are related to algebraic expressions and solving equations. Techniques for multiplying, dividing and simplifying algebraic expressions are explored. Radical expressions are studied and used in equations. The quadratic formula is developed. ​XMAT 163 is one of three modules that make up the XMAT Sequence, through which students are eligible to earn a total of three university credits (one credit per course) upon completion of the sequence.

The XMAT Sequence is an upgrading program for anyone who wants to further their math education and has not completed Pre-Calculus 11. XMAT prepares you to enter UNBC MATH 115 Pre-Calculus (an equivalent of Pre-Calculus 12). Specifically, XMAT should be taken by anyone who has taken Foundations Math or Apprenticeship and Workplace Math streams in high school and wishes to enter programs that use mathematical thinking such as nursing, business, economics, geography, physical sciences, and mathematics. The XMAT Sequence can be used for credit at UNBC and is an introduction to what a university course is like. The content is used in many university degree programs.

Prince George, BC
Date & Time:
13 Nov 2020 to 9 Dec 2020
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
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Course Prerequisites

In order to register for Module 3 of Intermediate Algebra, you must have completed Module 2 with a minimum grade of C-. If the minimum requirement is not met, and you have paid for more than one module upfront, you will be withdrawn from the remaining modules and a refund will be issued in the same form as it was received.