Business Process Management

Business Process Management provides a basic understanding of the business process management lifecycle. Students begin with learning systematic identification and prioritization of business processes within an organization. A process discovery phase then follows, which leads to the development of an as-is process model. Qualitative and quantitative techniques are used to analyze the performance and assess the impact of changes. The course also introduces other components of the BPM lifecycle, which include redesign, implementation, and monitoring. The course also includes a lab component for documenting and simulating business processes at various levels of detail using BPMN and modeling techniques.

Students learn the basic concepts of BPM and become familiar with available tools to build business process models. At the end of the course, they should be able to demonstrate all stages of the BPM lifecycle via a term project.

Prince George
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Business Process Management is open to the general public as a non-credit course. Credit cannot be assigned after completion of the course.