Building Erosion & Sediment Control in Road Construction

This course emphasizes the practices and field skills utilized to evaluate and manage water quality objectives in the planning, location, design, construction (equipment operators & supervisors), maintenance and deactivation of resource roads in BC. Safety, economic and ecological considerations (i.e. sediment management to protect water quality) are incorporated into the learning outcomes.

Participants will be given a course evaluation to complete at the end of the course, which will be used to improve the course on a regular basis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the general Planning & Road Regulations that guide resource road management in BC
  • Explain methods for minimizing ecological impacts of resource roads
  • Explain road design using plans, profiles, cross sections, site plans & special conditions to build and maintain resource roads
  • Explain the importance of pre-work, interim and post-work meetings to ensure the plan is followed and/or edited to meet needed revisions of the plan
  • Explain the role of the work team positions and their working relationship to ensure resource roads are built, maintained and deactivated as planned
  • Describe the documentation required for resource road management from the planning stage to deactivation
  • Describe common and specialized resource road construction methods
  • Describe common resource road maintenance practices and procedures
  • Describe common resource road deactivation practices and procedures
  • Describe the common and specialized issues of resource road management and the solutions
  • Demonstrate the process of resolving work issues (i.e. environmental, safety, economic) using group, scenario exercises
  • Practical assessment/guide to identifying and calculating sediment generation and inputs at sites near water bodies will be identified
Kelowna, BC
Spring 2020
Date & Time:
26 Feb 2020
  • Wednesday, 8:30am-4:30pm
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