Bear Awareness and Safety - Online

Bear Awareness Safety

Bear Awareness Safety teaches you to become bear-aware while also gaining knowledge on industry and community-based bear management methods.

In this tenth and final component of the Online Environmental Monitoring Certificate, learn about bear Safety from THE bear expert, Dan LeGrandeur. This former conservation officer brings over 27 years of human-wildlife conflict experience to this course, instructing students in a wide range of bear safety techniques. Students will also learn practical and effective knowledge about industry and community bear management protocols.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify black bears and grizzly bears based on their characteristic features
  • Understand human-bear conflicts
  • Define fight and flight
  • Learn the general characteristics of grizzly bears and black bears
  • Differentiate between human-habituated bears and food-conditioned bears
  • Explain the various ways in which bears communicate
  • Identify a bluff charge, a defensive attack, and a predatory attack
  • Understand the advantages of using bear spray over firearms
  • Learn when and how to use bear spray
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