Bentley Centre

Bentley Centre
The Bentley Centre serves as a connector with the Teaching and Learning Building and the Northern Medical Program Building to the rest of the campus, while also providing additional space for meetings, receptions, banquets, and for the display of scientific research and innovation.  The building is characterized by a row of columns providing access to the seminar rooms. Large windows provide views of the courtyard.

The larger of the two seminar rooms accommodates 80 people, depending on furniture configuration. The smaller room will hold up to 30 people and is often used as a nutrition break area or breakout room when using the larger space. The sliding glass doors allow both of these rooms to open up into the main hallway of the Bentley Centre.

The Bentley Centre Hallway is a popular location for banquets, receptions, and ceremonies. This space will hold 140 people (if configured with round tables of 8), or 200 people (if set up theatre style).

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  • Built-in projection system
  • Built-in sound system
  • Permanent screens
  • White board