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The Class Gift program brings together UNBC students, their friends and family, plus members of the community, to make philanthropic gifts in support of future students.

Successes in 2017

Kick-Off March 9

During this 3 hour event, students and employees enjoyed fun activities, free pizza, and awesome prizes. Plus 38 generous people made donations for the Graduating Class Gift Bursary. With these gifts we earned our first $1,000 challenge reward!

Grad Fair March 21

During this event, graduating students voted for the class song, found out next steps towards graduation, plus 15 more students made their gifts. We are well on our way to earning our second challenge reward.

Display Table and Final Affair

During the last week of classes, Class Gift Officers manned our display table between the Winter Garden and the Career Centre, plus ran a station at Final Affair. Thanks to gifts made in person and online, we earned our second challenge reward!

Convocation Results Announced

Thanks to a number of gifts in the final days before Convocation, the 2017 Class Gift raised enough to give out SEVEN $1,000 bursaries this fall! This is the highest number of bursaries given by any grad class, well done!!

Donations for the Class Gift are accepted any time, feel free to make your gift.

Class Gift Donations
Final Results May 25th

333 participants
+ ALL 4 challenge rewards

= $7,000 raised

Summary of Last Year's Success

Participation was the key! Because we had a challenge donor providing additional funds based on our class participation, every gift no matter what the size had a real impact on how many fellow students we were able to provide bursaries for.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the 2016 Class Gift, we gave out SIX $1,000 bursaries in the fall!