About the Chaplaincy

Who we are

We are a multi-faith community of volunteers from local faith bodies within Prince George. Just as UNBC is a young and growing university, we are also a young and growing coalition. We work under a formal Memorandum of Understanding with UNBC, currently reporting through the First Nations Centre and under the direction of an annually elected Coordinating Committee.

Currently our community includes active members within the Baha’í, Christian, and Islamic faiths. We maintain relationships with leaders from the local Sikh Temple, Church of the Later Day Saints, Buddhist Meditation Society, and those practicing First Nations Spirituality.

Established faith groups that are willing to cooperate with the university and work within the established guidelines are welcomed.

Why we are here

The purpose of the Interfaith Chaplaincy is to provide spiritual care and religious support to the university community—students, faculty and staff—and to facilitate interfaith and intercultural dialogue that contributes to wholesome relationships, unity, and a sense of community on campus.

What we do

  • We can connect you with others who share your religious tradition or spiritual interests.
  • We can help you wrestle with questions about purpose, truth and meaning.
  • We offer opportunities for learning about different world religions.
  • We facilitate discussion groups on a range of theological, ethical and justice concerns.
  • We offer presentations on current issues regarding religion and faith.
  • We provide personal counseling with an emphasis on spiritual wisdom and faith perspectives.
  • We seek to travel with you as you develop your whole person; mind, body, and soul.

Interfaith Chaplaincy Coordinating Committee

To contact the Interfaith Chaplaincy Coordinating Committee or to request a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Interfaith Chaplaincy Association and UNBC, please email chaplaincy@unbc.ca.

Charlotte Wenninger, Baha’í Community

Rev. Rob Smith, Knox United Church

Alan van der Woerd, ​Christian Reformed Church