Message from the Director

Welcome to the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology at UN​BC.

For me, the CTLT has always been a place of conversation. Through the Annual UNBC-CNC Teaching and Learning Conference, the ongoing workshops on faculty and graduate student development and technology in our classrooms spaces are provided for conversations about teaching and learning. These conversations can inspire us to take risks in our teaching and try new approaches in our classrooms. These conversations also help us to reflect on our own learning.

And so what do you want to have a conversation about? Over the next year we will be holding workshops for teaching assistants, copyright, and using technology in the classroom. There will also be the Teaching in Progress series which will include sessions on experiential learning and plagiarism. If you are interested in applying for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, we will be holding mentoring sessions to discuss the application requirements. If you would like to hone your teaching practices, consider attending the Instructional Skills workshops that will be offered over the forthcoming year. We can also provide support for writing teaching dossiers, ​enhancing student engagement in the classroom or writing learning outcomes.  If there are other topics you would like to discuss, just let us know. The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology is dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning community – and you are part of that community – so let’s chat!

Heather Smith
Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology