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CWAG Student Paper Competition 2017 - Winner Announcement

23 June 2017:
CWAG Chair Dr. Ebru Ustundag shared this notice:

I am absolutely delighted to announce this year’s CWAG Graduate Student Paper Competition Winner. The award goes to Diandra Oliver from SFU. Diandra’s paper is titled ‘Fringe methodologies: A feminist analysis of Kear’s Governing Homo Subprimicus

Diandra Oliver’s bio:

Diandra Oliver is a writer and researcher rooted in economic development, feminist and DIY communities. She is best known as a co-founder of Home Sweet Home, a community-funded social enterprise aimed at diversifying rural food economies through business modelling and extension services. Her PhD project at SFU Geography looks at the way youth in Spain have been discarded by the nation state following the EU Financial Crisis, and how they grapple with what they’ve identified as a state-imposed exile. She intends to address how Spanish youth experience a sort of diaspora in place, both within and outside of Spain, and how they respond by further distancing themselves from the goals of the neoliberal state.


It was an absolute pleasure to read Diandra’s inspiring paper. We wish Diandra all the best. - EU

The Canadian Women and Geography Study Group (CWAG) of the Canadian Association of Geographers invites submissions for its annual student paper competition. Paper entries must be based on research related to intersectional feminist geographies.

This year, we are excited to introduce two categories: undergraduate and graduate.

For undergraduates students, any paper written for a course during the 2016/2017 academic year can be submitted.

For graduate students, submissions papers must meet one of two criteria: (1) a paper presented at a regional meeting (ie. CAGONT, WDCAG, etc.) or that will be presented at CAGS during the 2016/2017 academic year; OR (2) a paper written for a graduate course during the 2016/2017 academic year.

Entries should be submitted electronically, in either French or English, and must not exceed 5,000 words, including references and footnotes. The deadline for submissions is MONDAY May 1st, 2017.

Please send papers (and any questions) to the attention of the CWAG Chair at:



Le groupe d’étude sur les femmes et la géographie (CWAG) de l’Association canadienne des géographes vous invite à soumettre un texte pour son prix annuel du meilleur article étudiant. Les articles soumis doivent être basés sur un projet de recherche en lien aux géographies féministes intersectionnelles.

Nous sommes heureuses cette année de présenter deux catégories : baccalauréat et études graduées!

Pour les étudiant-es au baccalauréat, n’importe quel travail complété pour un cours de l’année académique 2016-2017 peut être proposé.

Pour les étudiant-es gradué-es, les articles proposés doivent remplir l’un de ces deux critères : (1) un article ayant été présenté à une conférence régionale (par exemple, le Regroupement des Géographes du Québec, le CAGONT, le WDCAG, etc.), ou présenté à la conférence de l’ACG, durant l’année académique 2016-2017; OU (2) un travail complété pour un cours gradué durant l’année académique 2016-2017.

Les propositions doivent être soumises électroniquement, en français ou en anglais, et ne doivent pas dépasser 5000 mots incluant les références et notes de bas de page. La date de tombée des soumissions est le lundi 1er mai 2017.

SVP envoyez votre article (et toute question) à l’attention de la présidente du CWAG à :

Dr. Ebru Ustundag
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director
Department of Geography
Brock University

UPDATES - JUNE 18, 2015:
New CWAG Listserv & History Project

1. New Listserv: CWAG has just set up a new listserve. If you are not already on the list, and would like to be on it, please visit:  
Subscription information available at this link.

2. CWAG History Project
We are looking for documentary material from the Canadian Women and Geography Study Group, particularly newsletters, posters, letters, photos, etc. to fill in our archives, and write a history of the Study Group that turns 33 this year! If you have any material, please send it along by e- or snail mail.  The late 1990s are particularly sparse so if you have any related documents, we would really appreciate your time and effort!  - Ann Marie Murnaghan (

CWAG aims to provide a forum for people interested in issues of access, equity, and the well-being of women in geography and for those whose research is linked to questions of gender as they relate to relations of class, race/ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, and ability. 

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