Russian Studies

Michel Bouchard, Associate Professor (Anthropology)
Gail Fondahl, Associate Professor (Geography)
Gary Wilson, Associate Professor (Political Science)
Nicholas Tyrras, Assistant Professor (International Studies)
John Young, Assistant Professor (Political Science)

Minor in Russian Studies

This minor is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study of Russia as a complement to their major program. The minor requires students to take a total of 21 credit hours.

To fulfill the minor, students must successfully complete the following courses:


INTS 131-3Beginning Russian I
INTS 132-3Beginning Russian II

Area Studies

GEOG 302-3Geography of Russia
HIST 356-3Soviet History
INTS 200-3Contemporary Russia
POLS 311-3Russian Politics and Society

Additional Requirements

One of the following:
HIST 355-3Russian Imperial History
POLS 405-3Special Topics in Political Science

Note:  Students intending to pursue advanced Russian studies are strongly recommended to take the second year level Russian language courses:

INTS 231-3Intermediate Russian I
INTS 232-3Intermediate Russian II

Transfer Credits

Courses taken in other programs or at other universities (including those in Russia) may be counted as courses towards the minor requirements with permission from the Russian Studies Committee.