Northern Medical Program

Northern Medical Program
The Northern Medical Program is part of UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Distributed Medical Program and is a partnership involving three universities: the University of British Columbia (UBC), the University of Victoria (UVic – the “Island Medical Program” – IMP) and the NMP here at the University of Northern British Columbia. UBC’s distributed program was designed to address the critical shortage of physicians in British Columbia through increasing the number of medical student spaces in BC. The program enables students at the two distributed sites (NMP and IMP) to study closer to the geographical areas of greatest health need in the Province. All students apply through UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Admissions, are fully registered students at UBC and upon graduation will receive UBC medical degrees; however NMP students quickly become part of the UNBC culture and community.

Students spend the first four months of their medical education at UBC in Vancouver (Sept-Dec), and those thirty-two students moving to each of the distributed sites do so each January. NMP students then spend the remainder of their first two years studying in UNBC’s Dr. Donald Rix Northern Health Sciences Centre on campus as well as spending some time in local physician’s offices working with patients and at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia (UHNBC)
learning clinical skills. The more clinically-intensive education takes place in third year where students complete their clinical clerkships in hospital and community settings in northern British Columbia. The majority of students complete their clerkships at the University Hospital of Northern BC. In these clerkship students rotate through different disciplines, spending several weeks in each. Terrace and Fort St. John, BC are home to integrated clerkships in which up to four students
from each class spend their entire third year in those communities. In integrated clerkships students follow the same objectives and experience the same disciplines, but do so in an integrated manner. Fourth year of medical education is comprised of student electives in areas of medicine which are of particular interest to the student. After successfully completing the four-year undergraduate MD program, graduates enter residency training across Canada in one of over 50 specialty areas, including family medicine. Residency programs currently offered in the north include family medicine and psychiatry in Prince George, and family medicine in both the Northeast and Northwest. A number of other UBC residency programs include rotations throughout the North. Depending on the residency program chosen, post-graduate training ranges from two to six years.


The University of Northern British Columbia is nestled atop a hill overlooking the city of Prince George and features dramatic award-winning architecture.

Prince George is located in the heart of BC and is rich with many attractions and activities to enjoy year round.  The citizens of Prince George are known for their warmth and friendliness.  For those who wish to get involved in various activities/events, there are many choices available.  The city is rich in history and offers many attractions which, combined with the beauty of its natural surroundings, makes Prince George an ideal location to visit or call home.

Student Services at UNBC

The University offers an impressive array of student services designed to foster student success. While academic registrations for all medical students are at UBC, Northern Medical Program students are registered as “affiliate students” at UNBC, enabling them to take advantage of all that UNBC has to offer. Student Services include: Advising; Athletics and Recreation Centre; Awards and Financial Aid; Campus Chaplaincy; Counseling and Career Centre; Access Resource Centre; Health and Wellness Centre; Academic Success Centre; and orientation programs.

Faculty of Medicine Regulations

The Northern Medical Program is framed by the same set of academic regulations as the UBC Faculty of Medicine generally, which can be located at the following internet address: While students are on campus at UNBC they will, in addition, be bound by the disciplinary regulations of UNBC (click here for UNBC Undergraduate Regulations and Policies).

How to Apply

Admission to the Northern Medical Program is done through the UBC Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office. All hardcopy application documents must be received at the UBC Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office by 4:30 pm PST. To apply for admission and to confirm application deadline dates for the Faculty of Medicine, visit:

Office of the Northern Medical Program

The Office of the Northern Medical Program is responsible for the delivery of the curriculum in northern BC. This includes co-ordination of teaching and research staff, student well-being, and the maintenance of close links with UBC and UVic. Visit the following website for further information: