Services and Facilities


UNBC is a student-centred university committed to providing students with high quality services. On the Prince George campus, student service operations (Office of the Registrar, Student Success and Enrolment Management, Student Recruitment and Student Advising, and First Nations Programs) are located on Telus Student Services Street, a high profile area in the Agora. Most university services are available to students at a distance through our Regional Campuses. Many on-site services are provided through co-operative arrangements with the three northern colleges. In this way, UNBC students are provided with the convenience of one-stop shopping for a variety of student services.

UNBC provides a wide variety of services to support the intellectual, personal, physical, cultural, spiritual, and professional development of students at the University. Students will find a welcoming, supportive environment, based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to the ideals of the University of Northern British Columbia.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of UNBC is composed of graduates of the University of Northern British Columbia. All UNBC graduates automatically become members of the Association upon their graduation.

The Alumni Association aims to create a strong and engaged alumni community who maintain a lifelong bond with UNBC and the North. We are ambassadors of the University and celebrate the accomplishments of our members and UNBC. We also seek to provide services and benefits for the advantage of all UNBC alumni.

For additional information, please contact us by telephone at 250-960-5873, toll-free at 1-866-937-8622, or by e-mail at You can also visit our website at


The Bookstore's primary role is to stock all course materials for all classes taught on all UNBC campuses. The store carries a wide variety of school supplies; many are made from recycled products. Academic pricing is available to students on many software products. The Bookstore is the logo headquarters for UNBC. A great selection of clothing, giftware and backpacks is always available. Visit our website at
Childcare Society

UNBC Childcare Society provides care for children ages 18 months to five years, serving students, faculty, staff, and community users. The childcare complex houses three centres: Porcupine Pals (three to five daycare centre), Cub's Corner (toddler daycare centre), and Raven's Nest (preschool and part-time daycare). The daycare manager can be contacted at 250-960-5720 or e-mail

For more information, please visit the Society web site at

Continuing Studies

Continuing Studies is an integral contributor, and a vital partner, in the learning environment at UNBC. Its vision is to sustain a culture of lifelong learning at the University. Continuing Studies has a professional commitment to contribute collaboratively with all of the University’s Academic Programs, and to both lead and serve the community by staying responsive to the needs of the North.   

Continuing Studies courses are primarily short in duration and designed to meet the needs of both professional development and/ or personal interest. Certain Continuing Studies courses are clearly designated as earning academic credit at UNBC. Credit earned in this manner is unspecified, and is treated as elective credit hours. University admission requirements do not apply to these courses, and students are advised that they will be registered for them on a credit basis unless they direct otherwise at the beginning of the course. Unless otherwise designated, credits earned in this manner are recorded on a Pass basis upon successful completion. Unsuccessful attempts are not recorded. Whether taken for-credit or not-for-credit, the content and requirements of these courses are the same.

For more information, please see the Continuing Studies course catalogue, or visit Continuing Studies online at  

Copy Services

The Copy Centre offers a wide variety of print, copy, binding and layout services. Copy Services is located in the Agora between Food Services and the Bookstore. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Documents may also be e-mailed to

Coin copiers are located in the Northwood Winter Garden, the Bentley Centre and the Library (main and second floors). Copiers are serviced by the Copy Centre. Contact Copy Services at 250-960-6464.

For additional information, please visit the Copy Services' web site at


The Cornerstore is the main convenience store on campus and is open evenings and weekends. You will find a large variety of hot and cold snacks, fresh local baked goods and salads, fruit and grocery items. Only Fair Trade coffee is served. Cups are biodegradable. Bring your own cup and save! Microwaves are available for anyone packing a lunch.

Finance Office

The Finance Office is responsible for all administrative activities of a financial nature at UNBC. Those responsibilities with a direct impact on student life include student fee assessment and collection, disbursement of all cheques including scholarship and bursary cheques, payroll for teaching assistantships and all student jobs, and administration of research grants and fellowship income for all faculty and students.
For further information, visit our web site at

First Nations Centre

UNBC is located in the territories of sixteen Tribal Councils and over seventy-eight bands, and is proud to work in partnership with these groups. The University offers a rich program of courses, degree programs, and opportunities for research and community service with First Nations throughout the north, drawing scholars from around the world to learn with us. There will be a variety of opportunities available to those who wish to learn from and about the First Nations of the north, including the First Nations Studies program courses in languages, cultures, and contemporary issues, internships with First Nations organizations, and community-based research projects. UNBC has established partnerships with several First Nations where these opportunities are available, and is developing exchange relationships with other Canadian institutions that offer First Nations programs, as well as with international universities with opportunities in the area of world indigenous peoples. Programs are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The First Nations Centre specializes in services to First Nations students and is open to all UNBC students. This centre provides a culturally supportive environment where leadership, spiritual growth, and academic excellence are fostered. The First Nations Centre is available for gatherings, events, and activities that are related to the interests of First Nations students. The array of services include an aboriginal student association, visiting Elders, personal counselling, admissions advocacy, peer counselling, helping circle, and a lively program of speakers and cultural activities.
For additional information, please visit the Centre's web site at

Food Services

The University has three food outlets on the main campus: the Agora Food Court, Stackers Deli and Tim Hortons.

The Agora Food Court offers cafeteria style services with a dining hall setting, appealing to both light and hearty appetites, and offer made to order and “On the Go” selections.

Located in the Agora Wintergarden, Tim Hortons provides a range of beverages (coffee, iced cappuccino, hot cappuccino, tea, juices, and pop), as well as a selection of breakfast and snack items such as muffins, bagels with cream cheese, donuts, croissants and tea biscuits.

Stackers Deli, located next to Tim Hortons in the Agora Wintergarden, offers custom made sandwiches and wraps with a choice of specialty breads and toppings. Chili, stew, fresh salad, grilled sandwiches and personal pizzas are also featured.

The Catering Department offers a range of services on and off campus, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, receptions, and customized menu options.

Open weekdays Food for Thought offers a variety of hot and cold snacks. Like the Cornerstore, Fair Trade coffee is served. All cups are biodegradable. Bring your own cup pricing is offered. Microwaves are also available for personal use. A student copier is located in the store.

Food service and catering at UNBC is provided by Eurest Dining Services, a member of Compass Group Canada.

Located at the Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre (NSC) near the entrance to the campus, the NSC concession offers a variety of healthy options and traditional concession fair, such as popcorn, pop, pizza, chips and chocolate bars

For additional information, please visit the Food Services' web site at

Geoffrey R. Weller Library

The Geoffrey R. Weller Library collects and provides access to information resources in support of the University’s academic programs. The Library is open seven days a week during the September and January Semesters and is closed on all holidays observed by the University. Reference Desk staff offer support to assist students in optimizing their use of library resources. The Library’s online public access catalogue can be accessed through its website at

The Library’s collection consists of over 200,000 books, 709 print journal subscriptions, over 5000 audiovisuals, and almost 1.5 million microforms. The Library also offers access to over 45,000 full-text e-journals. Noteworthy resources include an extensive collection of electronic bibliographical and full-text databases, numeric data files, and electronic reference materials; a selection of important microform collections, including newspapers, retrospective journals, Statistics Canada and other government publications, and ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) documents; and primary documents available through the Canadian Institute of Historical Micro-Reproductions (CIHM), Early Canadiana Online, and Gerritsen collections.

UNBC students have timely access to items in other library collections through the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service. Instructions for placing interlibrary loan requests are available on the Library’s website.

The Library offers an intensive instruction program aimed at developing students’ research skills. This instruction is accomplished through online help pages, individual assistance at the Reference Desk, and class sessions booked by

For more information about library resources and services, please visit the Library’s website at Contact the Reference Desk (250-960-6475) for research assistance or the Circulation Desk (250-960-6613) for questions related to borrowing materials. Regional students should familiarize themselves with the Distance Library Services pages at

The Northern British Columbia Archives and Special Collections is an administrative unit of the Geoffrey R. Weller Library and is located on the 4th floor of the Library Building. The Northern B.C. Archives houses materials related to the institutional history of UNBC and the history and culture of Northern British Columbia. The Archives also houses rare book collections and maintains the University’s artwork and artifact collections. Contact the Archives at 250-960-6603, 250-960-6602, or

International Exchange and Student Programs Office

The University of Northern British Columbia considers itself to be an active participant in the global community. Its commitment to international education is reflected in the teaching, research, and service missions of the institution. UNBC will endeavour to assist students and faculty in broadening their exposure to other countries and societies. Toward this end, the University has established a series of academic exchange programs with a number of partner institutions around the world. These academic exchange programs allow students and faculty the opportunity to study or conduct research in other countries for a specified period of time.

Full details regarding the opportunities to participate in these exchange programs can be obtained by visiting the International Exchange and Student Programs web site at

International Students

The University of Northern British Columbia welcomes applications from qualified students from other countries. International students can make an important contribution to UNBC's global outlook by sharing their perspectives in classes and participating in campus activities.

The International Exchange and Student Programs Office provides services to international students and assists them with their integration into campus and community life. Orientation services, international student handbooks, information on immigration regulations, and opportunities for social and cultural involvement are available through this office located on Student Services Street.

For additional information, please visit the web site at

Northern British Columbia Graduate Students' Society

The Northern British Columbia Graduate Students' Society (NBCGSS) exists to serve the interests of the graduate student population of UNBC. The main office of the society is in the administration building on the Prince George campus. It is staffed by a part-time office manager. Operated mainly by volunteers, the society represents the concerns of graduate students in a number of ways. NBCGSS representatives facilitate communication between graduate students and the administration and faculty, monitor changes in university policy that affect graduate students, act as advocates for those with university-centred problems, distribute graduate-relevant information, and provide basic amenities to our on-campus members, such as graduate-only computer labs, office space, and a lounge area for socializing. Representatives also organize social and sporting events both on and off campus.

For additional information about the NBCGSS and its activities and resources, please call 250-960-5671, e-mail or consult the web site at


There are three main lots available for parking on campus. Parallel parking is also permitted on Ring Road and EFL Road (between appropriate signage and appropriate times). All vehicles must be parked in one of the designated parking lots. Parking spaces that provide close and easy access to campus entrances have been designated for persons with disabilities.

Annual, by-semester or visitor permits are available.

All parking lots have ticket stub dispensers that accept quarters, dollar and two dollar coins. A valid parking permit or ticket stub must be clearly displayed. Vehicles not clearly displaying a valid parking permit or ticket stub will be subject to a parking citation and/or vehicle immobilization or towing without warning at the owner's expense and risk.

The University assumes no liability for damage to or theft from vehicles parked on campus. However, you can help Campus Security and yourself by locking valuables in the trunk and ensuring your car is locked. Report any damage or theft from your vehicle to Campus Security.

Help lines, connecting the caller to Security, are installed in several locations. Campus Security provides an escort service to and from the parking lots for students, staff, and faculty.

For additional information, please visit the Parking Services' web site at

Regional Operations

UNBC is mandated to serve all of British Columbia with a special commitment to northern BC.

Regional Operations is responsible for the development and delivery of degree programs, courses, and services to students throughout the UNBC region.

A network of regional service is growing, and will continue to develop over the life of the University. At present, the University maintains three regional campuses to serve the Northwest, Peace River-Liard, and the South-Central regions. These offices provide program development, support to faculty, liaison with the local colleges, and assistance to students.

Full degree completion in a limited number of program areas, including graduate degrees, is available at all UNBC regional campuses. The programs vary from region to region and are offered through a combination of face-to-face instruction and distance delivery.

The University maintains a federation agreement with the Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a (WWN). The WWN offers course work, centred in the Nass Valley, leading to a Bachelor of Arts and/or Certificates in Nisga'a Studies.

Students who plan to study at one of the regional campuses, or who plan to relocate in order to study at any UNBC regional campus, should contact the appropriate campus for information and assistance.  For contact information, please visit the Regional Operations' web site at

There are different services and opportunities at each of the campuses. Food services, parking, student activities, and many of the other services available to Prince George students are processed differently dependent upon location. Full information can be obtained through UNBC Regional Campuses.

For additional information, please visit the Regional Operations' web site at

Registrar, Office of the
The Office of the Registrar is involved in many aspects of a student’s academic life including admissions, course and exam scheduling, course registration, and transcripts. In addition to admitting and enrolling students, and tracking student progress, the Office of the Registrar’s professional staff is responsible for producing the academic calendars, enforcing academic policies and procedures, and much more.
For further information, please visit our web site at

Research and Graduate Programs, Office of

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs serves the UNBC research and graduate student community and works to enhance UNBC’s research intensity.
The Office provides support for the preparation of research proposals by faculty members, the preparation of institutional research proposals, assistance with reporting to funding agencies, and liaison with organizations external to UNBC including government entities, private-sector companies and community organizations.
The Office is responsible for the administration of graduate educational requirements and provides support for many fellowship and scholarship programs, graduate thesis/project defences, graduate student and program-related issues.
Visit our web sites at (Office of Research) and (Office of Graduate Programs) for more information.


Security provides a highly visible 24-hour security service, which includes escorting students, staff and faculty to and from the parking lots and residences, and emergency first-aid.
For more information, please visit the Security web page at

Student Success

The primary goal of Student Success is to ensure that the needs of students are given top priority within the institution and that the University provides the necessary services to foster student success.

Student Success includes the Wellness Centre, Orientation Programs, Student Recruitment and Student Advising, Student Career Centre, International Exchange and Student Programs.
For additional information, please visit the Student Success web site at

Athletics and Recreation

UNBC is a member of the British Columbia Colleges’ Athletic Association (BCCAA).

Men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s soccer compete in the BCCAA schedule which leads to provincial and national championships.

All new and returning students are encouraged to take an active role in UNBC Athletics, whether it’s through participating on varsity teams or providing spectator support during home games.

For additional information, visit the UNBC Athletics' web site at

Your student fees are your membership to the Northern Sport Centre and the fitness areas within this campus facility.

Intramural leagues operate during the September to December and January to April semesters. These generally include soccer, basketball and volleyball. Drop-in badminton is also available.

For further information please visit our website,, or call 250-960-6358.

Awards and Financial Aid
UNBC’s Awards and Financial Aid Office is committed to making students aware of the financial assistance available to them to help fund their post-secondary education. The Centre provides information concerning scholarships and bursaries, government student loans, Canada Study Grants, and other forms of financial assistance. The Office is located on Student Services Street on the Prince George campus. Service is also available through Regional Offices.

For more information on financial assistance, visit the web site at

Student Career Centre
The Student Career Centre helps UNBC students and recent grads find careers related to their degree. The centre assists with developing strategies and techniques that enhance the marketability of UNBC students and alumni locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Student Career Centre offers assistance with career planning, resume and cover letter development, interview and presentation skills, portfolio development, and access to job postings through our website. 

The Student Career Centre connects students and alumni with recruiting employers through our online job board, Fall Career Fair, NorthWorks, and Employer Information Sessions. Additionally, the Student Career Centre administers the Co-op Education Program and is the main campus contact point for employers.

Student Career Centre, Agora 7-153

Tel: 250-960-6598; Fax: 250-960-6065

UNBC encourages students to explore their career options and prepare for the job market. Visit the Student Career Centre, located on Student Services Street. Information sessions are available for individuals who are uncertain about their career directions. Résumé-writing and interviewing workshops are also offered as a part of a UNBC education, annual Career Fairs are held every March and October.

For further information, please visit the Student Career Centre web site at

Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre
The Northern Sport Centre is a 145,150 square foot facility that sits at the entrance of the UNBC campus. From fitness memberships to rental space for minor sport groups, to training opportunities for high-performance athletes, the NSC brings together fitness and sport development.

Two strength rooms include free weights and work stations. A mirrored studio is available for a wide range of drop-in and registered fitness classes for everyone. The elevated 280m indoor track is your cardio connection, with equipment including spin bikes and treadmills strategically located around the rubberized track. There are also two squash courts and a meeting room.

Whether playing basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton or hosting a special event, the gymnasium provides plenty of opportunities. Three full-size side-by-side basketball courts span the maple hardwood floor.

Soccer, anyone? How about rugby, football, lacrosse, baseball or Ultimate? The NSC field house features two 190’ x 90’ fields on FIFA sanctioned Polytan artificial turf under a 40-foot ceiling.

Please call 250-960-6366 for more information on memberships, facility rentals, and activities at the NSC, or visit our web site at

Access Resource Centre

The University of Northern British Columbia encourages academically qualified persons with disabilities to apply for admission to its programs. A variety of services is available to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities. These services enable students with disabilities to access the University facilities and to take part in the available programs.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Access Resource Centre as early as possible to discuss academic accommodations. There are four general steps required for processing accommodation requests:

1.    request for accommodation;
2.    documentation;
3.    needs assessment; and
4.    decision and implementation.

As these steps should be completed before classes commence, the University encourages students seeking accommodation to contact Access Resource Centre at least one month before the term commences. If special transportation needs or extensive physical modifications are anticipated, the student should meet with the Disabilities Advisor several months in advance of the semester of registration to permit reasonable planning time. If accommodation requires the acquisition of special or additional resources not regularly available within the University, it is recommended that six months advance notice be given in order for the University to assess the accommodation request. Access Resource Centre will provide information on the academic accommodation resources that are currently available on campus.

Information on UNBC’s disability-related policy, procedures, and services is available on the Access Resource Centre' web site at
The University buildings were designed to meet the needs of those with mobility problems, and wheelchair access and special parking facilities are available.

Interfaith Campus Chaplaincy

The Interfaith Campus Chaplaincy is a team of chaplains representing a variety of faith groups. Its purpose is to provide spiritual resource services to students, faculty, and staff. The Chaplain's role is to assist in providing spiritual support, education, and care. As a resource to the University, the Chaplaincy acts as a bridge for all faith groups seeking to be active on campus. The Chapel is located in the Agora.

For more information, visit our web site at

Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre is committed to supporting and enhancing student learning and to providing the skills students will need to become life-long learners. Through collaborative partnerships, we provide services and resources that empower students to take responsibility for their own learning. We offer one-to-one tutoring in writing, study skills, math/stats, physics, and technology; tailored workshops; web information; print and audio-visual resources; and the Supplemental Instruction program.

For more information, visit our web site at

 UNBC Identification Card
Every student, faculty or staff member at the University of Northern British Columbia receives an official identification card. The card shows the name, identification number, and photograph of the cardholder, and grants borrowing privileges at the Library and access to the Fitness Centre.

Wellness Centre
The Wellness Centre team includes Counselling Services, Health Services, and Wellness Programs. We seek to support UNBC students in achieving their academic goals by providing opportunities to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We provide a range of services, including professional counselling, professional health care, wellness events, wellness education, and consultation and training for students, staff and faculty.

For more information, visit our web site at

Counselling Services
Professional counsellors provide a confidential and discrete atmosphere in which students can discuss any topic or situation of concern. Professional counsellors are trained to help students make real and lasting changes in their lives. Students can obtain a full range of counselling services from education and support to psychotherapy and psychiatry.
  • Individual and Group Personal Counselling
  • Individual Career Counselling
  • Crisis Response
  • Psychiatric Clinic
  • Consultation Workshops and Training
For more information, please visit our web site at

Health Services
The staff at Health Services are committed to providing support for students around health issues; managing short- and longer-term illness or health problems, managing healthy lifestyles, and identifying other health resources according to need. Some of the services provided through health Services include:
  • Nurse Services
  • Physician Clinics
  • Diabetes Needle Drop Off
  • Health Assessment Clinics
  • Infectious Disease Clinics
  • Health Education
For more information, visit our web site at

University Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life, located in the lower level of neyoh Residence, is responsible for the on-campus residences.

On-Campus Housing

UNBC Residences offers reasonably priced apartment-style accommodations that are clean, comfortable, safe and convenient for single university students. On campus housing offers a comprehensive Residence Life Program which further promotes and enhances the overall educational experience and academic success of students.

There are two separate buildings, Neyoh (our home) and Keyoh (our community), and each residence accommodates 270 students in a combination of two and four bedroom apartments. The kitchen in each apartment includes a full size range and refrigerator; the large common area is furnished with a sofa, a coffee table and a dining table with four chairs. The bedrooms are fully furnished with a captain style single bed (drawers underneath), bookshelf, desk, chair, and outlets for computer, cable and phone. Internet, TV and local phone service are provided and included in the rent.

It is important to apply for admission to residence early since demand for on-campus housing is high. Applications for the coming fall semester can be submitted at any time through our on-line application process at Application processing will begin in January and confirmation of acceptance is conditional to admission to the University as a full time student.

For more detailed information, please visit our web site at and select appropriate links.