Nursing Certificate Program

Program Advisor: Colleen Norish
Rural Acute Care Nursing Certificate

The Rural Acute Care Nursing Certificate provides the opportunity for Registered Nurses to pursue a concentrated program of courses in Rural Acute Care Nursing. The Certificate will provide students with some of the essential knowledge and clinical skills needed to provide nursing care in rural community hospitals.

The Certificate program has been developed as an academic program that is practice-driven, and supported by health authorities across British Columbia.  It is based upon the principles of primary health care, and an orientation to the needs of nurses in acute care facilities in rural and remote communities.

The Certificate requires successful completion of 30 credit hours.

A maximum of 15 credit hours from other recognized institutions may be transferred into the Certificate and the BScN completion option.

The Certificate is designed to be completed on a part-time basis through distance education. Students can complete their BScN through the attainment of 15 additional credit hours of prescribed courses.

This Certificate does not replace the UNBC Post -Diploma BScN program as it offers a focus in one specialized area only. Other focus areas provided through the Post Diploma BScN, notably community health, community continuing care, First Nations health and nursing, and nursing management are not included in the Certificate program.

Applicants must meet the admission criteria for the Post-Diploma Baccalaureate Nursing Program. Nursing Program policies for Registered Nurse students pursuing a degree apply to Certificate students.

Certificate Requirements

NURS 451-3 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
NURS 452-6 Chronic Disease Management, Palliative Care and Wound Care
NURS 453-3 Nursing Practice with Older Persons
NURS 454-6 Perinatal Care
NURS 455-6 Critical Care, Emergency and Trauma
NURS 456-3 Mental Health and Addictions
NURS 457-3 Living and Working in a Rural Community

BScN Completion

Students wishing to complete the Post -Diploma BScN will be required to successfully complete 15 credit hours in addition to the Rural Acute Care Nursing Certificate to a total of 45 credit hours.

200 Level
MATH 242-3 Statistics for Social and Health Sciences or equivalent

300 Level
NURS 304-3 Introduction to Nursing Knowledge

400 Level
NURS 403-3 Introduction to Nursing Research
NURS 408-3 Nursing Leadership
POLS 403-3 Social and Health Policy and Administration