BCPARF Conference - Call for Presentations, Posters & Workshops

Papers, posters, and workshops dealing with any issue concerned with the planning and management of parks and protected areas and related research is welcome. Some possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Meaningful visitor experiences
  • Ecological management (including active management for fire, beetles, invasive species, connectivity)
  • Tourism in protected areas - benefits and impacts
  • Integrating parks in the broader landscape
  • The economic sustainability of protected areas management
  • Marine ecology and challenges to protection
  • New research techniques and tools
  • International involvement & partnerships
  • Communicating research results
  • Protected areas as living labs - developing a research program
  • Collaborative management and research with First Nations
  • Cultural resource management with First Nations

Submission Formats

  • Oral presentations - 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions
  • Research / Management Snapper - 5 minutes - A good place to present a research project in process, a research idea or a management challenge you’d like to pose to the audience.
  • Workshop / Discussion - 45 to 90 minutes - Organizer responsible for title / abstract and for ensuring that related presenters submit their individual details by the deadline. Please make sure to indicate which presenters are in your session.
  • Posters / Displays / Demonstrations - Most of these will be available throughout the conference, however, we will have a specific time for a poster/display session.
  • Other Submissions - If you would like to submit an idea for another format and/or side-meeting please submit an outline with details below.

Lead Presenter Information


Please specify how many co-presenters you will have.
Co-Presenter #1
Co-Presenter #2

Submission Details

Please provide your description or abstract; maximum 250 words.
All rooms will be equipped with standard projectors and computers. If you have additional needs, please indicate here.
Please choose one format.