Prepare to Upload Your Information & Documents

Information for All Applicants

Application Fee

Applicants can pay the application fee with a credit card as part of the online application process.
Domestic Applicants       $76.50 CDN
International Applicants  $153.00 CDN
The application fee is required to be paid by the application deadline and if unpaid they will be closed at the deadline. Application fees are non-refundable.


    Applicants are welcome to upload unofficial transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions attended but you need to make arrangements to have the official transcript sent to UNBC by the application deadline. All official transcripts are required, no matter how long it has been since you attended and even if the coursework was not completed. Failure to do so may result in your admission being denied, an admission offer rescinded, or removal from a graduate program. Official transcripts should be sent to:

    University of Northern  British Columbia
    Office of the Registrar, Attn: Graduate Admissions
    3333 University Way
    Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9 CANADA

    International applicants are required to also upload proof of Bachelor's degree (and/or Master's degree if applicable).

    Reference L​etters

    Selecting your referees is a big decision. You will want to choose referees who are able to accurately do an assessment on your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your ability to conduct graduate studies. This type of referee may need to be an academic referee [Examples are: a faculty member who taught you in a course(s); observed you in a classroom/laboratory setting; supervised you doing an undergraduate thesis, etc.] and/or may need to be a professional referee [Examples are: supervised you in a practicum/placement setting; supervised you in a work setting; a co-worker who has observed your work ethic].

    The type of referee required will be noted in the Checklist for each program. If "academic" or "professional" it will be noted in brackets after the "Letters of Reference/Assessment Reports" information, it means there is such a requirement.  It is the applicant's responsibility to contact each referee to arrange for the reference letter to be submitted.

    Reference letters can be submitted by the following methods:

    • Click on "Initiate reference letter" in your online application located in the Graduate Admission Application Status Page; enter your Referee's name and email address. Your referee will automatically be forwarded an email from UNBC providing them with access information for uploading or completing an online reference.
    • A paper reference letter and/or assessment report can be emailed to from an institutional or professional email address (public email addresses will not be accepted such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)
    • A paper reference letter and/or assessment report can be mailed or couriered to:
      University of Northern British Columbia
      Office of the Registrar Attn: Graduate Admissions
      3333  University Way
      Prince George, BC  V2N 4Z9  CANADA
    • A paper reference letter and/or assessment report can be faxed from a verifiable fax number (i.e.  institutional or professional) to 250-960-6330 Attn Graduate Admissions.

    If you applied online, you will be able to see the date a reference letter and/or assessment report has been received in the "Status" column of the Graduate Admission Application Status Page.  Log into your application frequently to check the status.  Referees will not receive a reminder notice from UNBC. If it is coming close to the deadline and you see that a reference is still outstanding, we encourage you to contact and urgently remind the referee of the deadline.

    Support​ing Documents

    All supporting documents should be uploaded or entered via the online application. For details on required documents, please refer to the program checklist.

    Official transcripts need to be sent directly from the issuing institution to UNBC, but copies of other documents such as

    • Statement of Academic Interests
    • Sample of Written Academic Work (if applicable)
    • Unofficial transcripts
    • TA Form
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Other documentation

      can be uploaded to the online application and do not need to be sent by mail.