Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapters provide an opportunity for alumni to connect with each other more frequently than once a year. Chapters work together informally rather than as an elected executive committee to promote ongoing interaction between graduates. Based on location and/or similar interests, alumni chapters may organize social events, professional development opportunities, or other engaging activities.

Start a Chapter

An Alumni Chapter must: 

  • represent a specific geographic region or academic program/ interest
  • have at least one approved UNBC Alumni Ambassador to liaison with the Alumni Relations Office
  • have an adequate number of interested alumni to fulfil chapter responsibilities

 Successful chapters will be established based on the above qualifications, the completed application information, the number of alumni in the requested region, program, or area of interest, and whether or not there are similar UNBC Alumni Chapters already in existence.

Area-Based Chapters

Greater Vancouver



Shawn McNaughton

Amanda Hancock 

Jonathon Gray

Interest-Based Chapters

MBA Alumni

Wildlife & Fish Ecology Alumni

Brenda Schlesigner

Roy Rea