Information for Instructors

1. Guidelines for Academic Accommodations

The provision of access and accommodation for students with disabilities is a shared responsibility among students, faculty, staff and administration. Instructors play a vital role in the accommodation process for students with disabilities at UNBC.

  • Students should meet with their Instructor(s) in person to discuss, review and sign General Access and Accommodation Agreement forms. For this purpose, the Access Resource Centre (ARC) instructs students to arrange one-to-one appointments with their Instructors or to attend Instructors' scheduled office hours. Instructors are encouraged to take a copy of this form for their records.
  • Instructors are encouraged to meet with students with disabilities so that they can review the format of their course, including evaluation methods and lab components, to determine individualized solutions to potential access matters. If questions arise about appropriate accommodation(s) within your learning environment, please seek consultation from Access Resource Centre staff
  • Information regarding disability is strictly confidential and students do not need to disclose their disability to their Instructors.
  • For students who identify as a student with a disability but have not registered with the ARC, please refer them to our office.
  Common Academic Accommodations
  • Extra time on examinations
  • Quiet environment for examinations
  • Note-takers in the classroom
  • Use of assistive technology in the classroom and/or for examinations
  • Alternate format to print (i.e. electronic formats of course outlines, exams or any other print or visually presented course-related materials)

Accommodations must be tailored to the access needs of each student and the specific situation, as the essence of fairly accommodating students with disabilities is individualization. There is no perfect formula for alleviating all the barriers confronting people with disabilities; however, considering each student's disability-related needs as unique will assist in providing an atmosphere that is conducive to personal and educational growth. Please review the Instructor's Handbook listed below for more specific information regarding accommodating students with disabilities.

2. Exam Accommodation Procedures

  • For every exam, registered students will need to oversee the completion of an Exam Access and Accommodation Agreement form. This process requires students to meet with their Instructor(s) to fill out necessary information regarding the exam. Instructors are encouraged to take a copy of this form for their records.
  • Students are responsible for returning the exam form to our office at least 1 week prior to the scheduled quiz/midterm date and at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the Fall and Winter exam period.
  • Please deliver a copy of your exam 2 days prior (if possible) to the student's scheduled writing time.

If you have any questions contact:
Access Resource Centre staff
Phone: 250-960-5682