Feedback Requested for Draft Academic Action Plan

May 8, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, UNBC is currently undertaking a comprehensive academic action planning process to help shape an exciting vision for the University’s future academic success. Our specific approach to date has involved five collaborative Academic Action Planning Groups with members who have given generously of their time and energy in reviewing past reports, combing through the consultation sessions from Phase 1, and actively engaging a variety of stakeholders (faculty, staff, and students), for feedback and insight related to the following critical areas:

  • Academic Structure
  • Enrolment Initiatives
  • Faculty Renewal and Development
  • Student Experience and Pedagogy
  • Academic Administrative Organization

Based on this review and the involvement from critical stakeholders in the feedback process, a draft Academic Action Plan is attached for your input.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort and commitment that has gone into the preparation of the various sections of the report by the five Academic Action Planning Groups, and then again by the Team Leads in combining them into a cohesive document for presentation. This draft Plan is a critical element of the planning process, and will help UNBC address its challenges and be ready to become Canada’s leading destination university.

Specific next steps include:

  • Sending this draft Plan to the entire UNBC community for a first round of input that will start today, Monday, May 8 and continue through to May 19. The specific schedule of opportunities for engagement is attached to this email and involves a variety of feedback mechanisms ranging from ‘fireside chats’ with the Academic Action Planning Team members, meetings with College Councils, as well as other opportunities including Senior Leadership Forum and Regional Meetings. Updated information regarding meeting room locations is available on the Academic Planning SharePoint Site.
  • An important element of this initial draft Plan that has not been incorporated at this point is the Faculty Renewal and Development Action Planning Group’s recommendations. They are in the process of gathering additional input through a survey of randomly selected faculty members. The follow-up information will be released as a separate addendum to the draft Plan as soon as the team has had an opportunity to analyze the results and prepare their draft recommendations.
  • Following the first round of input, the Team Leads of the five Academic Action Planning Groups will review the feedback and incorporate into the preparation of the final draft Plan.
  • A second round of input will commence on May 23 and continue until May 29 with the same type of feedback mechanisms utilized in the first round. During this second round, initial presentations will be made to the Senate Committee on Academic Affairs and to the Senate on the feedback received to-date from the UNBC community, and to obtain input from the Senators.
  • The final draft will be presented to the Senate Committee on Academic Affairs on June 7, and then to Senate for consideration of final approval on June 28.
  • Upon final approval from Senate, the various recommendations from this Plan will inform the University’s Strategic Road Map and will help shape the annual planning for the University’s various departments, programs, and units.

We encourage everyone at the University to take time to share candid feedback regarding this draft Plan. If you are not able to directly participate in the various meetings outlined in the attached schedule, please note you can also provide feedback online via Your feedback will be consolidated and anonymized to ensure confidentiality.  You may also contact Bernadette Patenaude at to request members of the Academic Action Planning Working Groups attend various department or program meetings. Your participation and input will greatly contribute to the ongoing success of our University.

The Team Leads and members of the five Academic Action Planning Groups look forward to hearing what you share and using it to further shape the draft Plan.


Dan Ryan
Interim Vice-President Academic and Provost

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Bernadette Patenaude, Director - Integrated Planning

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