Academic Planning Update

June 16, 2015

As some of you will know from my presentations at SCAAF and Senate, we are about to embark on a new round of strategic academic planning. I intend to borrow from the excellent work that has been conducted in the past in this area and related, current projects that are ongoing.

Over the summer months a group will develop a discussion paper that will suggest some ideas on what the next academic plan should focus on. In September I will launch comprehensive community engagement (with both internal constituencies and external stakeholders) on our next academic plan. The results will be used to formulate a series of high-level recommendations that will be taken to Senate for consideration and approval. I expect that the directions that emerge from this exercise will help shape subsequent cycles of University budgeting activity.

I have established an ad hoc Academic Planning Committee consisting of faculty members, students, staff, alumni, Senators, and administrators to assist me in this work. They are:

  • Allan Wilson
  • Bill Owen
  • Blanca Schorcht
  • Dan Ryan
  • Geoff Payne
  • Heather Smith
  • Kevin Smith
  • Mark Dale
  • Ranjana Bird
  • Troy Hanschen
  • Greg Condon
  • Todd Whitcombe
  • Roy Rea
  • Tracy Summerville
  • Tina Fraser
  • Rheanna Robinson
  • Angela Kehler
  • Jessy Rajan
  • Andrea Palmer

Project support will be provided by Bernadette Patenaude, Director of our new Integrated University Planning office. Annie Booth has kindly agreed to design and oversee our community engagement efforts.

Bill Krane
Vice-President Academic and Provost