About the Action Planning Groups

There will be five Action Planning Groups assembled to take on the continued planning work, data collection, and collaboration required to develop an Academic Plan. The Senate Committee on Academic Affairs will act as the Steering Committee for these Action Planning Groups. 


  1. Action Planning Groups will be small, consisting of 5 to 7 members.
  2. Each Action Planning Group will include one Senator.
  3. Membership will be diverse, but each member may only serve on one of the five Action Planning Groups.
  4. Each Action Planning Group will select a Chair from its membership and establish how the group will be managed, with flexibility to achieve the outcomes.
  5. People who are interested should know in advance that there will be a significant time commitment to the group of approximately 3 to 4 hours or more per week. However, each group will have the flexibility to determine their meeting schedule and format to achieve the outcomes. 
  6. Action Planning Groups will be consultative and will engage with the University community.
  7. Members will bring an aggregate view of their constituencies, but will not be expected to solely represent those constituencies. Their overarching knowledge, expertise, and wisdom regarding the University will be valuable in the process.
  8. Members will be expected to gather and synthesize information.
  9. There will be experts in each group.
  10. Any documents produced will be a collaborative effort by all group members.