About the Academic Planning Committee

The Phase I Academic Planning Committee (APC) was assembled to take on the initial planning work and data collection required to assist with the preliminary stages of developing an Academic Plan.

The Phase II Academic Planning Committee will build on this foundational work and develop Academic Action Plans for each of the Action Planning Working Groups (APWGs).

Its aims are to:

  • Work with the UNBC community to identify broad academic goals that can be used to align robust, long-term academic planning.
  • Assess and where needed gather data on enrolments, recruitment, retention, academic and staff renewal, student engagement, pedagogy, and academic structure along with other areas relevant to an Academic Plan as identified through community engagement.
  • Produce a framework document for submission to Senate that will support UNBC’s academic mission and guide a university-wide academic planning process.
  • The Committee will engage with various groups and individuals over the next few months by assembling collaborative teams with specific foci. The intention is to use a number of methods of engagement, from face-to-face meetings to world café style meetings and on-line discussions.
  • As noted above, articulating the full academic plan is expected to take up to two years and will involve a number of individuals and committees. However, by the fall of 2015 the APC will bring to Senate a report containing recommendations on academic goals and the long-term planning process. Senate will consider how to implement the recommendations and lead the University into the next decade.