Over the past year, the University community has been engaged in the pre-planning stages required to develop a new Academic Plan for UNBC. Phase 1 – Towards Developing a New Academic Plan, was finalized on February 24, 2016, when Senate gave formal approval to that report after careful consideration of the details. The approved plan is available on the UNBC SharePoint site

This foundational work represents the collective ideas and thoughts of our community and will serve as the basis for the next phase of academic planning and consultations. 

To start the process for Phase II, the Senate Committee on Academic Affairs (SCAAF) began its work in March, developing the principles and activities of each of the five Action Planning Groups (Faculty Renewal, Student Experience and Pedagogy, Enrolment Initiatives, Academic Structure, and Academic Administrative Organization). Senate approved these principles and the composition of the Action Planning Groups. In June, the Senate Committee sent out a call for nominations to Faculty and Senators interested in participating on the five Action Planning Groups. This was followed by the NUGSS and NBCGSS processes to select their Action Planning Group representatives in September. At the Senate Committee on October 26, 2016, the final list of members nominated and appointed to the five Phase II Action Planning Groups was approved. These Action Planning Groups will play a key role in the development of the Academic Action Plan that guides our decision-making and builds even greater levels of success at UNBC.  

In keeping with the highly participatory planning and broad-based consultation process, access to the detailed progress of the five Action Planning Groups can be reviewed on the Academic Planning SharePoint site.