First Nations Centre

We offer a wide variety of services, activities and programs that help to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students, create awareness and understanding of Indigenous perspectives and worldviews, and celebrate Aboriginal culture. Our team is here to welcome everyone who visits or accesses the First Nations Centre.

Beyond supporting Aboriginal students, one of the goals of the FNC is to help create dialogue and an understanding of Aboriginal people and culture to the wider UNBC community.


The FNC is accessible to all students not just Aboriginal students - it is a truly inclusive environment.

Doors are open: Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm

Any student may obtain 24 hour access to the centre through requesting to have their ID card coded (this request can be made through the Student Services Representative at the FNC).

Our Services

Tutoring Support

Students can improve their academic skills and understanding with in-house tutoring support, The FNC currently offers math and writing tutors weekly within the Centre.

Internal Services and Supports

All staff at the FNC are able to connect students with the various internal services and supports available at UNBC. Including: academic advising, counseling services, academic support, financial aid and funding application processes (including band funding and emergency assistance funds), disability services and access, registration and convocation support, Elder engagement, etc.

Cultural Activities

Hosting, teaching and facilitating cultural activities are a big part of what the FNC provides to its students, faculty and staff. You can regularly participate in Smudging ceremonies, Talking Circles, drum making and traditional art workshops, singing and storytelling, and crafting at the FNC.

External Services

On a case by case basis, FNC staff are able to connect students with external services such as off-campus housing, funding sources, employment opportunities and cultural activities.

Aboriginal Cultural Resources

Another role of the FNC is to facilitate workshops and connect staff and faculty with aboriginal cultural resources including Elders and knowledge holders. In this capacity, the FNC staff are creating awareness, building relationships, promoting Indigenization and breaking down the systemic barriers the Aboriginal people face across UNBC.

Overcoming Systemic Barriers

Assisting Aboriginal students in overcoming systemic barriers that they may face during their time in post-secondary education is a overarching service that all FNC staff work to provide. Providing customized tours, organizing the UNBC Aboriginal Orientation, and developing an Aboriginal Student Handbook are examples of large, service-based projects that FNC staff coordinate and deliver.