25th Anniversary Visual Identity

A special look and feel helped promote the celebration of 25th Anniversary events, initiatives and projects. The 25th Anniversary Visual Identity used colours found on the Prince George campus, while telling one of the great stories behind the University’s creation.

Paul Zanette

Paul Zanette was a UNBC founder with a fascinating story of how he came to be involved with the creation of the Prince George campus. Paul was from Prince George and was working for Earl Flansburgh and Associates in Boston when the firm received the contract to design the original master plan for UNBC. The master plan lays out the spatial arrangement of the buildings and the relationship between them. Paul took his knowledge of Prince George and its landscape to create a special arrangement that has come to define the campus, the relationship between it and the community, and serve as a manifestation of the University’s story.

The result was the three axes that are represented by the dark grey bricks that intersect at the centre of the Agora Courtyard.
Paul passed away in 2010 after a career in residential and commercial design, including a stint at UNBC in the 1990s.
The axes and the spectacular lay-out of UNBC is the masterpiece that may serve as his greatest gift to his hometown.

The Axes

The Prince George campus was designed around three axes that were originally intended to provide a spatial order to the buildings and define their relationships both to each other and to the landscape. These axes are represented by the dark grey bricks that intersect at the centre of the Agora Courtyard. They are also a manifestation of UNBC’s story and are the primary graphic elements in UNBC 25th Anniversary visual identity:

  • The entrance axis is prominent in the visual identity. It is the axis that visitors to the campus first follow when they drive to campus. It points to the North and to the University’s academic heart (the Library).
  • The growth axis roughly follows the Cranbrook Hill escarpment and has been the axis upon which much of UNBC’s physical growth has occurred (including the Northern Sport Centre, the Lab expansion, and the Teaching and Learning Centre).
  • The view or “community” axis ensures a visual connection between the University and Prince George.


From the vegetation, building materials, wood, and stone that are found on the Prince George campus, colours are abundant. Samples of those colours are used every day to promote UNBC’s brand. A selection of colours were brightened and accentuated to create the celebratory visual identity for the 25th Anniversary.


The badge was the foundation of the 25th Anniversary visual identity, and there were seven different variants. They used different combinations of colours from the anniversary palette, and accentuated photos or graphics used with the visual identity. The badge was used in conjunction with UNBC’s established logo and colours.


The axes and central sphere used for the 25th Anniversary badge combined to create interesting patterns that worked well as a watermark or background graphic supporting other materials.