A Living Memorial And Future Legacy

Led by the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute

A living memorial to the 16,000 members of the Interior University Society who supported the UNBC initiative in the late 1980s, has been created by planting a tree for each individual across a number of UNBC properties. The 16,000 trees not only recognize our early supporters, but are a legacy for the UNBC community and the region. 

In addition to the 16,000 seedlings, ceremonials trees were planted at each UNBC campus. 

Planting the 16,000 Seedlings

Prince George Ceremonial Tree

This tree was planted within the UNBC Ceremonial Loop, near the tree planted in honour of Iona Campagnolo, UNBC's First Chancellor. 

The Past: The soil was prepared by UNBC founders, the Minister of Advanced Education at the time the UNBC Act was passed in 1990, and UNBC's first faculty member, representing their role in the creation of a northern university.

The Present: The tree was hoisted into position by UNBC's first student, as well as individuals representing UNBC's graduates and current undergraduate and graduate students.

The Future: Children from the UNBC Daycare added soil to complete the planting of the tree as the next generation of learners. 

Quesnel Ceremonial Tree

The tree in Quesnel was planted at the joint UNBC/CNC South-Central Campus. 

The Past: UNBC founders added soil to the tree representing UNBC's historic beginnings. 

The Present: Students and graduates participated as well, representing those part of UNBC's present. 

The Future: Children added the last shovelfuls of soil representing the future of UNBC and the North. 

Fort St John Ceremonial Tree Planting

The tree in Fort St John was planted on the Northern Lights College grounds, where local UNBC offices are housed. 

The Past and Present: The tree was put into place by founders, alumni and the full group of 2015 graduates.

The Future: The planting was completed by children, representing UNBC's future. 

Terrace Ceremonial Tree Planting

Two cedar trees were planted in Terrace, with one planned to be harvested at UNBC's 50th Anniversary and turned into a totem pole. 

The Past: UNBC Founders prepared the foundation for the tree, and the university in the north. 

The Present: UNBC President Weeks joined current students and graduates to  plant the tree. 

The Future: Future UNBC students filled the hold around the tree with soil to complete the planting.