Interpreting Our Past, Envisioning Our Future

Led by Northern BC Archives

 Dr. Annie Booth and Artists Betty Kovacic (painter), Dr. Theresa Healy (multimedia) and Wendy Young (warm glass) created a proposal to design and implement a public art installation to mark the 25th anniversary of UNBC. The idea unites paintings, structural art (warm glass) and a set of oral histories documenting the process of creation. The juxtaposition envisioned consists of two large paintings representing the university’s origins and its future mounted in two different locations;  the two locations for the two paintings are linked by 25 “landmarks”, painted glass tiles, forming and representing a journey, both of the art and of the University of Northern British Columbia. Inviting groups from the university and the larger community through workshops where participants created the glass tile landmarks allowed the collection of stories around the art creations and the history of UNBC.

The proposal, entitled Reflections - Past, Present, and Future, was accepted. Work began in January of 2015. Betty began ordering supplies and locked herself in her studio. Annie began organizing the logistics, rooms and groups for the workshops and undertook a literature review to identify what key words and concepts were associated with UNBC and its first 25 years. She began scheduling the workshops and assigning words for the faculty, administration, and groups from the community at large.

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