25th Anniversary Steering Committee

With diverse experiences at UNBC, this group served to connect the planning of the 25th anniversary to the UNBC community. The committee issued a request for proposals to the University community for anniversary events, initiatives and activities.


  • Tracy Summerville, Chair
  • Tina Gillanders
  • Troy Hanschen
  • Erik Jensen
  • Titi Kunkel
  • Theo Kunkel
  • Katherine Scouten
  • Caroline Sewell
  • Rob van Adrichem

25th Anniversary Proposal Review Committee

The Proposal review committee received, reviewed and recommended proposals for 25th Anniversary events, initiatives and activities.


  • Gail Fondahl, Chair
  • Leanne Murphy
  • Bill Owen
  • Stacey Pickering
  • Shelley Rennick
  • Matt Rourke
  • Lisa Scheck
  • Angele Smith
  • Candace Wotten

25th Anniversary Operations Committee

Many units were involved with the deployment of 25th Anniversary events, initiatives or activities. These units were represented in an Operations Committee that oversaw the logistics responsible for hosting and presenting 25th Anniversary events, initiatives and activities. The group was chaired by the 25th Anniversary Manager.