The Petrucci Family

With three children to take care of, moving away for school wasn’t a viable option for Franca Petrucci.

Yet she wanted to further her education, and when she discovered the Master of Business Administration program at UNBC, she knew it would give her the skills she wanted to further her career.

“They were offering a program I was interested in and I didn’t have to leave the community to access that program,” she says. “I was a single parent and needed to continue to work while attending school. UNBC allowed me to do that.”

Sergio Petrucci and his daughter Franca
Sergio Petrucci and his daughter Franca 

Franca enjoyed her time at UNBC, making friends she’s held on to after graduation, because many of them chose to stay in the North. Originally from Fraser Lake, Franca now lives in Prince George and works for a natural gas pipeline company as a community coordinator.

Franca’s father Sergio was one of 16,000 people to sign the petition in support of UNBC during the late 1980s. He was a small business owner at the time and felt the time had come for a northern university.

“I’m glad it was there for Franca, and it was great she had an opportunity to go,” says Sergio. “UNBC is about education for the north and it provides an opportunity for local students who couldn’t travel south. And it’s been good for the town, too. It adds culture and character to the city.”

“I think it’s awesome,” Franca says about her father being a petition signer. “It’s pretty cool. Who knew that he would sign then and it would benefit me 25 years later?”

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