The Harder Family

Kayla Harder is proud her mother was an early supporter of the University of Northern British Columbia.

 The daughter of petition signer Karen Harder, Kayla (who graduated with a nursing degree in 2013)  says she’s proud they supported UNBC from the start.

“I feel lucky that I could go to school so close to home,” she says. “Having the support and being able to travel from Prince George to Fraser Lake on the weekends to see my family  - I wouldn’t have been able to do it without being so close.”

Kayla’s mother Karen was one of 16,000 people who signed on to the initial petition campaign in the late 1980s and donated at least $5 to the cause. Now Kayla works as a nurse in Fraser Lake. Going to UNBC helped her financially on her path to living and working in her hometown. Kayla’s daughter is just an infant but when the time comes, she says she’d like her to be the third generation to become part of UNBC’s family.

“I would totally support her going to UNBC,” she says.” There are not many places people can go up north, it’s nice to have the option for the families up here.”

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Karen and Kayla Harder