Dr. Paul Bowles

Dr. Paul Bowles
Professor, Economics and International Studies
PhD London School of Economics
MA University of Sussex

Office:  Admin 3032
Tel:       250-960-6648
Email:  paul.bowles@unbc.ca
Website: http://blogs.unbc.ca/paulbowles/
Curriculum Vitae

I am currently working in two main research areas. The first is examining China’s role in the global economy and analyzes China’s currency policy and China’s changing exports. This work is supported by SSHRC and IDRC. The second project analyzes the ways in which northern BC is globalizing and the increasing links with Asia. This work is supported by SSHRC. In both research areas I take a broad political economy approach which fits with International Development and globalization studies more generally. I have supervised students in a range of topics related to international development and globalization and am interested in interested in working with students whose interests are close to my current research areas. External funding has enabled me to provide some financial support in the form of Resrach Assistantships to students working in research areas close to my projects.

Courses Taught:
  • ECON 601/INTS 698 - Globalization and Development
Research Interests:
  • International Currencies
  • International Trade (e.g. regional trading agreements)
  • Labour Issues
  • Aboriginal Economic Development
  • Globalization
Recent Publications: