Attending UNBC on Exchange

Each semester, UNBC welcomes exchange students from our partner universities all over the world. We are excited to have you join us and encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions.

Exchange students travel to UNBC via several exchange programs:

  • Bilateral partnership
  • n2n - Mobility Program via University of the Arctic
  • NSE - National Student Exchange
  • NAMP - Northern American Mobility Program

Application Process

To attend UNBC on exchange, students must be approved by their home institutions.  Once approved, formal application to UNBC must be submitted prior to deadlines.  Please be sure to include all required documents with your application. 

Once the application is processed and the student is admitted, a "Letter of Acceptance" is drafted and emailed to the student and copied to the home coordinator. The original document is mailed to the student.

What Happens Next

  • A valid passport is required to enter Canada. Check the expiry date on your passport. It cannot expire during your stay in Canada.
  • Apply to CIC for an Entry Visa and/or a Study Permit (citizenship from certain countries are required to apply for an Entry Visa, as well as a Study Permit).
  • Make your housing arrangements.
  • Register for Courses at UNBC.
  • Make travel plans and submit Arrival Information Form

Arriving at UNBC

Publications and Forms​