Hutchings, Kevin

Kevin Hutchings
Canada Research Chair in Literature, Culture and Environmental Studies
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Dr. Kevin Hutchings came to UNBC in July 2000. A Professor in the Department of English, he teaches senior undergraduate and graduate courses in Romantic literature, ecocriticism and environmental literature, and colonial and postcolonial studies.  Kevin holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Guelph, and Masters and Doctoral degrees in English from McMaster University.  

Research Interests

 As Canada Research Chair in Literature, Culture and Environmental Studies, Kevin aims to accomplish two related goals.  First, by investigating representations of the natural environment in British, Canadian, and American Romantic literatures (circa 1780-1940), his research will help scholars, activists, policy makers, and others to understand the Romantic and transatlantic literary origins of modern-day environmentalism.  Second, by examining the ways in which Romantic concepts of nature and culture influenced North American Aboriginal governance policies—and by considering the ways in which Aboriginal writers responded to these concepts and policies—his research will help to illuminate the continuing cultural and political legacies of Romanticism in Canada and the USA.