Thank A Donor Day

The heart-felt messages in the video above and the quotes to the right are just a few expressed by students during UNBC’s Thank A Donor Day.

For 2015, UNBC students and employees were invited to join in the following activities:

Named Spaces Contest

Ran November 16-26

With the help of Brought To You By Donors tags around campus, students answered questions about why spaces on campus (e.g. buildings, lecture theatres) were named for those people or organizations.

As incentive, three $50 UNBC Bookstore gift cards – donated in part by the Bookstore – were offered as prizes. Congratulations to the winners (from left) Kim Tran, Henry Blight and Ariana Blackwood!

Winners of the Named Spaces Contest

Thank A Donor Day Event

November 26

Student experiences and opportunities are made possible, in part, by generous UNBC donors. This event gave students opportunities to send a big THANK YOU to donors for playing a role in their education!

Write a postcard to a first-time donor:

Students write on thank you postcards

Take a thank you photo:

Thank you photo message

Enjoy cake and good company:

Thank A Donor Day cake

Our History

UNBC was founded on an out-pouring of philanthropy, when 16,000 people paid $5 to show their support for a university in Northern BC. Now 25 years later, our graduates, parents, employees, and friends continue to support UNBC students, programs, and research.

For that, we are truly grateful!

“Thank you so much for choosing to support UNBC students! Your support inspires me to pursue my dreams!”

“Thank you for everything you do to make UNBC such a wonderful school! Being able to receive an education in my hometown has been a fantastic experience.”

“You are helping fuel great minds every day, and for that you should be proud.”

“Thank you donor for contributing to UNBC’s continual success. Without you, a lot of amazing things would not be possible.”

“It’s people like you that allow us students to pursue our interests and ultimately make a difference in the world. Thank you so much for giving us that opportunity.”

“Thank you for everything. With your effort, I could be here. Thank you so much.”

“Thanks to you, the North has something it can be especially proud of. Many dreams have gone into making UNBC and many more come out every year. Thank you.”