Annual Appeal

Every gift has the power to make a difference. Twice a year UNBC asks donors, alumni, and friends to support our University and, in doing so, impact the lives and enrich the experiences of our students.

Our fall appeal is from Todd Whitcombe, long-time UNBC professor and donor:

November 2016

Over the past 22 years, it’s been my privilege to teach more than 5,000 students at UNBC and support them on their educational journeys. As a professor and donor, it’s very rewarding to watch students blossom intellectually and develop skills which will serve them well in their future.

Indeed, one of my most memorable moments was when a young woman named Kim was participating in a review class for first-year chemistry. She hadn’t done well on the first mid-term and was worried about the second. All of a sudden, in the middle of the review, she yelled out, “I get it!” Everyone, including me, stopped talking and I asked, “You get what?” She replied she suddenly understood chemistry. She ended up with an “A” in that course and an “A+” in the second course. I just wish I could remember what I said to bring on this epiphany!

Your support helps students like Kim realize their potential. Thank you.

As you can imagine, I could fill far more than this page sharing stories with you. I see how education exposes students to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. I get to be a participant in the discoveries, struggles and victories that become each student’s unique and personal educational journey towards a university degree and beyond.

I also see the impact of your investment in UNBC students. I see the difference it makes for students to have someone rooting for their success. Through your gift, you are helping students to achieve their dream of an education and a better life.

Please continue your support for UNBC students this fall. You are an important participant in their educational journey!


Todd Whitcombe
Associate Professor, Chemistry

“Education exposes students to new ideas and ways of looking at the world.”