While the natural surroundings may draw people to northern BC, it's the personal atmosphere that keeps them here. The North has countless opportunities for families: UNBC's Recreation Organization annual fishing derby on Father's Day weekend, and splashing through the water park at Fort George Park in downtown Prince George are only a few of the options available.


Summer temperatures in Prince George typically range from 24°C to 30°C – perfect for a day of outdoor activity and a backyard barbecue in the evening. In the heart of winter, the average temperature is about -10°C, though every once in a while, it will dip below -20°C.


In northern BC, the housing is affordable, the neighborhoods are friendly, the people are non-pretentious, and jeans and t-shirts are the norm. It costs a lot less to live in the North. For most, after the rent or mortgage is paid, there is plenty left over to have a little fun.

Getting Around

Although UNBC is perched atop Cranbrook Hill and close to all of the beauty of nature, it also has access to plenty of modes of transportation. Regular buses get hundreds of UNBC students to class on time, while many prefer to walk or cycle up University Way to get their daily exercise. Prince George is also at the intersection of two major transportation routes via road and rail, and the Prince George Airport has direct flights to destinations as far away as Las Vegas and Mexico. 


Northern BC features a unique blend of aboriginal, explorer and industrial history. There are many museums that celebrate our pioneer past and diverse cultural present. The North is teeming with creativity. The region has several amateur and professional theatre groups and dance studios. Several artists have created their own home studios in the North and the many galleries take advantage of the diverse talent.