We've Got it All

Northern BC has all the big-city health amenities to keep residents fit, stimulated, and happy. Plenty of bookstores, athletic facilities, shopping, and natural settings are there for you to enjoy. Recent world-class additions include the Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre and the BC Cancer Agency Centre for the North.

The northern region also has several amateur and professional theatre groups and dance studios. Several artists have created their own home studios in the North and the many galleries take advantage of the diverse talent. Artists of the written, spoken, and musical varieties also thrive here and you can find them in coffee shops, penning their latest works in progress, putting sound and rhythm to their poetry, or living it up in intimate and exhilarating live musical performances. 

We also have a large modern, multiplex movie theatre if you’d like to catch the latest blockbuster and a year-round farmer’s market in the downtown region as well as one here at the University each week!

Shop 'til You Drop

Prince George offers access to all of the varieties of shopping you could wish for. Large malls and box stores, designer retail shops, and local “mom and pop” establishments full of artisanal goodies are here for the exploring. ce of BC are not only served by UNBC, but also by regional colleges, elementary and secondary schools.

Eat Your Heart Out

Prince George has an amazing number of restaurants for a city of its size. For a list of great restaurants in Prince George, check out Tourism Prince George for an alphabetical listing of eateries, their locations, hours of operation, and contact information.

Let Us Entertain You

Prince George has an amazing variety of cultural and entertainment venues including cafes, live theatre, a movieplex, symphony, and arena for concerts and sporting events. The wide selection of restaurants and pubs is enough to keep even the most social student busy in their off-hours.

Residents of Prince George participate in a variety of activities, from ultimate Frisbee leagues and drop-in hockey games, to walks along the Fraser River. Some of the best running and mountain biking can be found at Otway Nordic Centre—itself host to national-calibre cross country ski events and just ten minutes from campus. There's something here for everyone.

Education for All

The educational needs of over two-thirds of the province of BC are not only served by UNBC, but also by regional colleges, elementary and secondary schools. 

Healthcare in the North

Northern BC features a unique makeup of health care, ranging from traditional healers, community health workers, nurses, and family and specialist physicians. The region is served by Northern Health, with the largest facility being the University Hospital of Northern BC, which is not only a regional hospital but also a training facility for doctors, nurses and more.