Dr. Sarah de Leeuw

Dr. Sarah de Leeuw
Associate Professor, Northern Medical Program

An award winning researcher and creative writer whose work focuses broadly on marginalized peoples and geographies, Sarah de Leeuw grew up and has spent most of her life in Northern British Columbia, including Haida Gwaii and Terrace. She is the Research Director of the Health Arts Research Centre and teaches in the areas of Indigenous peoples well-being and health humanities.

Research Interests

My research sits at the crossroads of social-cultural geography, health-humanities, social determinants of health, and decolonizing Indigenous method/ologies. I am interested in why some peoples and communities have ‘better’ lives than others, why other peoples and communities live with burdens of poverty, isolation, violence, discrimination, racism, sexism, or poor health. Fundamentally, this division does not seem fair to me – and since I grew up in northern and rural British Columbia, in communities often marked by higher rates of poverty or poor health or isolation and marginalization, these topics are also personal. I ask questions about the ‘determining’ conditions of marginalization and, while trying to answer those questions, I also try both to recognize the tremendous resiliency and strengths that often reside in marginalized places and to document these resiliencies and strengths through creative and arts-based means.

Selected Publications

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PhD, Queens, Cultural Historical Geography
MA, UNBC, Interdisciplinary Studies (Geography & English)
BFA, University of Victoria, Creative Writing