Now you can play and learn in Whistler

A new program coming to Whistler, BC takes students out of the classroom and into local venues where they will learn to plan and organize actual events as they work towards their Event Coordinator Certificate.

July 7, 2017
event management whistler
The Event Management Certificate in Whistler, BC offers advanced training in event planning to students who will earn their Event Coordinator Certificate while on location organizing an event at Whistler's various venues. (Photo Credit Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane)

How to become an event coordinator in Whistler

As a mecca for events year round, Whistler, BC is an ideal location to become a certified event coordinator.

That’s why Chris Lowe, instructor of the Advanced Event Management Professional Certificate, designed his program specifically for Whistler.

He told Whistler FM’s Rachel Lewis all about the course being offered there this fall.

“It’s the only place in BC [it’s being offered], and I’m very excited to be doing it in Whistler,” said Lowe, who caught the event planning bug after working at Expo ’86.

In the interview, Lowe explains that BC is missing out on “advanced event planning” programs and for a while has wanted to make this opportunity available to the area’s event planners.

He says it’s all about allowing those who work in the industry to “take the next step.”

“[The course] is meant to actually bring the event planner out of the classroom…actually taking the event planner to the venues they might actually use.”

“It actually gives people a taste of reality versus just being in the classroom.”

He goes on to say that students will participate in organizing their own event as a group, which they will manage and host in Whistler, while earning their accredited Event Coordinator Certificate through Tourism HR Canada.

Hear more from Chris and his interview with Whistler FM below.