OHS 1 - Introduction to Occupational Health & Safety Fundamentals

This module provides an overview of the field of Occupational Health & Safety and discusses how health and safety relate to an organization's overall management system. Course content addresses leadership commitment, open communication, and legal accountability as core concepts that form the basis for effective safety programs. Learners will explore the wide variety of functions within the OHS field and the required resources for the safety generalist.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify overall management systems' health & safety standards
  • Discuss effective safety programs
  • Describe Occupational Health & Safety and roles involved
  • Discuss leadership commitment and open communication strategies
  • Recognize areas of legal accountability
Instructor: Price:
Prince George
Fall 2017
Date & Time:
13 Oct 2017 to 15 Oct 2017
Registration Deadline:
October 3, 2017


Course Materials

Course materials for each module will be provided in a downloadable, digital format. Students will be provided a web link and access information for their program after they have registered and paid. Furthermore, they may or may not be required to print these documents and bring them to class. It is recommended that students use a laptop to view the course materials during class.